TAMECO is a division of Tammeco P&D AB. Established in 1986, in the beautiful town of Saltsjo-Boo, a suburb of Stockholm. In 2009 we relocated to Kungsberga Farentuna which is on wonderful island of Faringso part of Ekero kommun, another suburb of Stockholm.
Our creative team of designers co-exist with the serene wonders of nature and the living waters of Sweden. We have found this environment to be the perfect setting.

As a Trade and Marketing Expertise Company, we thrive on the business of providing solutions for our clients. Our Product & Development skills are unsurpassed in today's global markets. Whether supplying required products, or allocating the out sources necessary for manufacturing the desired range of products with highest desired quality at a very competitive level in allowing us, to bring you, the best possible solutions for your promotional, trade and marketing needs.

We have put together some of the most current trends in our product availability. Today's products can be browsed through our website. Though you may not see 'your' product here, we're only a conversation away from providing it. Let us 'turn-key' your concepts to create the perfect marketing theme. We are ready and able to provide you with the best products, and marketing to support their success.

Our mission is providing you with quality products and designing your ideas into reality.
Our business is your solution; we help you meet your objectives.